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We are 100% independent of software & servicesguaranteeing unbiased, no hidden agenda advice and guidance


Agnostic from one standard or specification over anotherThere are many ways to skin a cat!


We love what we doOur passion is technical communication

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Technical Documentation World - Why?

Founder and Managing Director

I started Tech Docs World as I could see there was a real need for an independent and agnostic advisory network around the correct and appropriate adoption of standards/specifications as well as the adoption of process, software, services and tools.

Michael Ingledew

Michael Ingledew
Michael Ingledew

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Supporting our clients

At TDW we support our clients achieve tech docs success, whether this is via the use of correct and appropriate standards and specifications, identification and selection of robust and proven software tools or the identification of technical documentation service providers.

Who do we support?

We support clients worldwide who need to both understand what is possible and importantly the how of technical documentation.

  • Engineering and technical publication departments to understand what is being asked of them
  • Defence level teams who need to understand what they should be asking for and why
  • Business improvement specialists who need to know how technical documentation can be leveraged to deliver business advantage

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