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Understanding XML and S1000D for tech pubs

What, How and Why?

The course was really useful and informative. Mike’s delivery of the course material was excellent and he facilitated conversations of real benefit. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs an awareness of S1000D for current and future projects –

Technical Publications Manager – Major Defence Contractor

Not only did Mike deliver this course full of enthusiasm and passion – he managed to answer all of our questions and concerns at every stage of the training –

Senior ILS Manager – Defence Contractor – Europe

The course was full of excellent examples and made it easy for us to follow along – Mike has a real passion for this subject and made it fun for us to follow along –

Department Manager – Aerospace Sector

Who is this course for?

  • Support, Design and Through Life Engineers
  • Project & Program Managers
  • Business improvement professionals
  • Senior publication managers, senior authors or anyone who needs to understand the whay and what for of XML and S1000D


What you get

At TDW we want to offer as much bang for your training buck as possible
  • 100% independent trainer - no hidden agenda on tools or software
  • a dry subject presented in a fun and enthusiastic way by a passionate instructor
  • Post course access to training content, full course handout
  • Complimentary 12 month subscription to the TDW magazine

Beyond the Course:

We are acutely aware that often once we attend a classroom based training course we head back to our normal work and quickly forget the training we have just taken!

That is why all of the delegates receive a complimentary access pass to TD-iQ where full recordings of the course is made available to refresh and watch the course back when you need.

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Welcome & Registration

Let's start the day with a welcome chat and what we will be covering.

Part One – In the Beginning – Understanding Structured Languages

In the beginning there was..... a little background and foundation theory.

Part Two – S1000D Background and Principles

Getting in to it! Where did S1000D come from, why is it around and how does it do what it does?

Part Three – S1000D Process, Reality & Building Blocks

Diving a little deeper, no too heavy, looking at the foundation building blocks, supporting processes and mixing in a little reality!

Part Four – S1000D Business Rules & BreX

A key component that engineers need to understand, but what are Business Rules and how do we create and implement them?

Part Five – Software, Tools & Tips

The role of software, the things to look for and some tips from your trainer on some low-cost tools he uses.

Part Six – The S1000D Cost Curve

Why we can not compare eggs to eggs when we are costing an S1000D approach. So where are the deltas and where is the ROI?

Part Seven – S1000D Strengths, Weaknesses & Myth Busting

A balanced looked at where S1000D is strong, where it fails and let us kill once and for all some of the myths around the specification!

Part Eight – S1000D example implementations

A look at some platforms that are using S1000D and domain specific adoptions/customisations of the specification.

Part Nine – S1000D and other specifications

How does S1000D relate to and work with other specification? Now and in the future? Let's put together the jigsaw of specifications and standards.

Part Ten – Recap, Questions & Post Course Continuous Learning

What did we cover, do you have any burning questions you need answering and how to keep your skills current?